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Need some tv help

Does anyone watch any of those reality DIY or design shows? Think like HGTV, TLC, Style network, etc. Does anyone watch the reality shows that focus on design, lifestyle, fashion, etc? (Not all of those things at once know what I mean.) Anyway, which are your favorites? I never watch them and I need some tips for a client.

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Author Auction bidding ends soon!

The Fic Author Auction is over on Sunday! Get over there and get to bidding. There's authors from every fandom and the bids are getting exciting. And I gotta say, the commentary on the threads are hilarious.


I love watching all my friends here getting some great bids. rosie_spleen  is a hot commodity. So are tasyfa , alienmom  and majiklmoon .  Can't wait to see how it all turns out. Right now it's looking like angelicus  is going to win me and some Twilight fic. Are you guys going to give her some competition??  :)

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Let the bidding begin!

Bidding on the Author Auction has begun! The Author Auction is to benefit and raise funds to support Stacie's fight with cancer. I posted all about it HERE.

Here's the skinny if it's TL;DR for you. Authors have put themselves on auction to write fan fic. The bidder who wins their author will get a fic written on demand for their fandom. All funds go to help raise money for Stacie's fight with cancer.

I took myself out of retirement (for the auction only) and am now up on the auctioning block. (EEK!) But what is even more stellar is the number of fic writers from fandoms across the board who have also offered themselves up. For Prison Break, it is me and the amazing rosie_spleen</lj>  (Rosie, you rock so hard I can feel it across the ocean). For Roswell, some of the amazing writers are back, like muffinkath7</lj> , majiklmoon</lj> .  Not to mention writers from Gilmore Girls, Smallville, Twilight (I'm taking a crack at this one), LOST, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who. For a full list of authors and fandoms who are on auction check it out HERE!

If you want to bid (GO BID! GO BID!), check out the instructions HERE. And keep track of how the bidding is going on the thread at Let The Bidding Begin!

Everyone go check it out, support your authors and give generously. Bidding ends on Sept 14th.
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We need your help. Here's your chance to write fic and help out our friend truelovepooh .

We're raising money over at by holding a Fic Author Auction. Here's the deal: Fic Authors are putting themselves on the auction block. Their readers can bid to get their favorite author to write a short fic on demand. All funds will go to the Support Stacie fundraising. Our good friend truelovepooh is fighting a battle with cancer. As a mom with no health insurance, it makes a rough battle even worse. To help, fundraising efforts are coordinated by everyone over at and we need all the help we can get from authors AND readers.

And now for the SHOCKING news: I am coming out retirement to help out. I'm putting myself up to write fic for Roswell, Prison Break and (da da dum) Twilight. I haven't written Twilight before but I'm willing to take a crack at it. I have a feeling I can take Bella and Edward by storm.

I'm calling out some of the fantastic fic writers on my list to help out. Any fandom, any writer is welcome. Every little bit helps. If I can come out of retirement, so can you!

Here's the skinny from

Welcome to the 2008 SupportStacie Author Auction!

A Fanfic-On-Demand fundraiser is underway for friends of Stacie. Authors in any fandom are invited to write a short fic on demand. The writing challenges will be delivered to each participating author by the highest bidder in their personal auction, which will run September 8-14, 2008 here at The highest bidder gets to deliver the fic challenge to the author they’ve “won,” along with the story’s pairing, the rating, and other pertinent details (within reason and within the author’s stated fandom and limitations - i.e., some authors prefer not to write smut or a certain pairing). The author will be given up to 30 days to finish the fic, beginning with the day that payment is received. The deadline for signing up as an author is Friday, September 5, 2008. There are also some related items that will be made available for auction, too. Details on this event are available on the links below, or you may contact us at with any questions.

Come join us for this fun event as we challenge our favorite authors, entertain our most devoted readers, and raise money for a great cause!

What is the Author Auction? (faqs)

Participating Authors and Items up for Auction.

Information for Authors. - Information for authors who wish to participate

Information for Bidders. - Information for people who will be bidding in the auction

Please let me know if you have more questions, ideas or if you want to help out. Or sign up following the links above. I better get some responses, otherwise this whole coming out retirement thing might be tricky! LOL
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Vote for Chico's Shubert in GMA's Best Scoop Contest

Hello everyone!

Chico's own Shubert's Ice Cream and Candy, located in downtown Chico, is a final four finalist in the Good Morning America "Best Scoop in America" contest! Since America gets to decide the winner, Shubert's needs your votes.

For those that don't know, I spent five years of college at Chico State and loved this place. My family still lives in the town and this place is an American classic. 

If you've never been to Shubert's, you'll have to take my word for how delicious their homemade ice cream and candies are. Their Chico Mint ice cream, dark chocolate covered orange creams and fudge Easter eggs have been family favorites for as long as I can remember.

Log onto their web site, and follow the link to watch the national TV segment online. Then click on the voting link to cast your vote for Chico's
best ice cream parlor.

*Watch the Good Morning America Segment:
*http://www.shuberts .com

*Vote Here!
**http://abcnews. Springtime/ story?id= 4878062
The winner will be announced on May 25th -- Shubert's 70th Anniversary -- so stay tuned, and keep your fingers crossed. Thanks, and Good Luck Shubert's!

P.S. Please forward this to your own friends and family to help support our wonderful local business.

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Chat-a-thon a'going on!

As some of you may know from angelicus, there's a fantastic chat going on over at Roswell Heaven this weekend to raise awareness of truelovepooh's fight with cancer and collect donations. I'm going to be chatting there tomorrow morning at 10am CST (that's 8am for me on a Sunday. Oy!). But everyone come over and chat. The chat goes is going on now and will until 11am CST tomorrow morning. I'm the last one tomorrow so come by and say hi. :)

More details for you:

Beginning May 9th at 7pm CDT, Roswell Fanatics is sponsoring a 40 hour chatathon with favorite fanfic authors. The chatathon will be taking place in the Roswell Heaven Chat Room, where every hour a new Roswell Fic Author will be heading up the chat room discussion.

This chatathon is taking place to help collect donations and raise awareness for Stacie’s battle with cancer.

There will be some great authors chatting over the weekend, including: Applebylicious, Angel, Behrsgirl77, Carol000, Cookie2697, Dimensia, DMartinez, Emz80m, Fehrbaby, irish2002, Jezebel_Jinx, JO, Kath7, Kzinti_Killer, LivE, Majesty, majiklmoon, Midwest Max, mockingbird39, Rosdeidre, Roswell Oracle, StargazerUK, Tasyfa, and more! This is a great opportunity to chat with some of your favorite fanfic authors!

Over the next week, we’ll also be holding silent auctions with some great memorabilia that you won’t want to miss out on.

Links for silent auction and to donate

Following is the schedule so far for the chatathon. It’s still being put together, so check back for new authors. For now, check the list and make a note of the day and time your favorite author is chatting. You don’t have to donate money to chat, but every little bit helps.

May 9

7PM - Rosdeidre

8PM - TrueLovePooh

9PM - Behrsgirl77

10PM - Angel

11 PM - Kath7

May 10

12 AM -

1 AM -

2 AM - Sylvia37

5 AM

7 AM - Tasyfa

9 AM - JO

10 AM - Cookie2697

11 AM - Majesty

12 PM - Fehrbaby

1 PM - Carol000

2 PM - Jezebel_Jinx

3 PM - Midwest Max

4 PM - StargazerUK

5 PM - Kzinti_Killer

6 PM - LairaBehr

7 PM - Applebylicious

8 PM - mockingbird39 (tentative)

9 PM - Emz80m (Tentative)

10 PM - DMartinez (tentative)

11 PM -Roswell Oracle

May 11

12 AM - LivE

1 AM - irish2002

5 AM

7 AM - majiklmoon

8 AM- Anniepoo98

9 AM- Dimensia

10 AM- SnowWhite22

11 AM - official end

See you there!
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LOST.................jump the shark or bloody brilliant?

I just watched the last two episodes and honestly, I really can't tell. I feel like one of those people trapped in a terrible relationship, yet they are too emotionally invested to see the truth.

My head hurts.
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There's an ice cream truck driving around my neighborhood right now. Seriously? An ice cream truck? I haven't seen one of those since I was living at my parent's house and I've NEVER seen one in LA. Wow. Sort of makes me nostalgic. Plus, ice cream trucks always remind me of spring/summer. They're like the groundhog. If you see one, summer can't be too far away!